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  • Army Total Force partnerships improving readiness
    More National Guard and Reserve units are partnering with the active component under the Army Forces Command Total Force Partnership Program, and one of the latest is an infantry brigade combat team from California.

  • Leaders challenge Soldiers: 'Earn your cake'
    The Army's 241st birthday is but a week away now, and Army leaders are saying of Soldiers "let them eat cake" ... but only if they're going to burn off the calories with some robust physical training.

  • Area Denial
    Winning in a complex world means that the Army must prepare for combined arms maneuver and wide area security, and that means area denial. However, systems like FASCAM have significant problems, including age and policy restrictions, so it falls to PM CCS, TACOM and ARDEC to sustain an aging stockpile and design successors. This article was originally published in the April - June 2016 issue of Army AL&T magazine.

  • 72nd D-Day liberation of Normandy observed
    Seventy-two years ago today, 156,000 Allied troops, 9,000 aircraft and nearly 5,000 ships launched the largest amphibious invasion in modern warfare. Now, 72 years later, the world has changed, but the 50 mile stretch of coastline known as Normandy remains in solidarity in welcome to the troops, both the veterans and today's generation of Soldiers, who in their estimation, did not invade, but "liberated" Normandy.

  • Navy, it's cold outside -- Army shelters aid Navy arctic exercise
    U.S. Army shelters perform well on land, but that just may be the tip of the iceberg, or rather the tip of the floating ice sheet. The Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center provided shelter support to the Navy during its biannual Ice Exercise in the Arctic Ocean. NSRDEC shelters were used as part of a temporary station on a floating ice sheet during the exercise called ICEX. The Navy used the NSRDEC shelters for billeting, diver exercises and emergency shelter.

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