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TO ALL READERS OF THIS SITE 8 Years, 7 Months ago  
2014= 40th Anniversary = last get-together of D coy
Army Cadet Summer Training Center Canadian Forces Base Valcartier 1974

The committee would like to contact the following members of D company cadet camp CFB Valcartier 1974
Le comité désire contacter les membres suivants de la compagnie D camp des cadets BFC Valcartier 1974
Pour information / For information: Charles:e-mail
Presently contacted 65 Deceased 14

Ian Ross Anderson-Gilles Blanchette -Guy Bouthillier–Gaetan Borgia
Pierre Beaudry -Luc Bouchard–Randall (Randy) Brooks–Ian Hunt
Daniel Croisetière - Denis Carbonneau - Paul Charbonneau
Yves Clément -Michel Cadieux -Yves Lemay -Pierre Chouinard
Alain Couture-Réal Dion- Guy Le Gallic Bernard D’auteuil -Denis Déry
Jacques Demers -Patrick Duguay -Marc Deschenes -André Desjardins
Marc Duval-Jean-Guy Hachey -Jean Hout -Peter Edward Harper
Sven Engles -Rollin Hughes-Daniel Gaudreault -Roland Beaudin
Mario Loiselle- Benoit Langevin - André Latourelle -Alain Ouellet
Yves Lupien- Daniel Lapierre -Jean Létourneau -Pierre Loiselle
Roger Morin- G. Metcalfe - Dany [Danny] Mercier
Pierre Migneault - Michel Ouellet - Raymond Perreault – Bernard Seguin
Harold (Foster) Scott -Thiery Restonex -Pierre Trudel -Jimmy Reggler
Philip Michele Shun -Daniel Roussel -Edward Vallée -Michael Wade
Jean Pierre Verreault -André Vaillancourt -René Légaré
Cpl. Bahadur Bansal - Cpl. Serge Plante- Vincent Gaiens
Sgt Robert Gibeault -William Jeffrey Hunter
Sgt Daniel Seguin -Lt René Lacroix
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