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Cadets - King's-Edgehill 254

King's-Edgehill Cadet Corps #254 - Windsor, Nova Scotia

Affiliated January 1st, 1961

kescadetsCadets has long been a tradition at King's-Edgehill, and at King's College before the amalgamation. It is a mandatory event. The first cadet session was in 1881, and contained a corps of 24 cadets. Since that time, many traditions have started and have been carried on within the cadet institution. Annual parades, such as the main inspection, the church parade, and the Remembrance Day Parade, are all important parts of the cadet framework, and often command a large attendance by the local community.

The formal dress worn by cadets at the school is taken from the Royal Highland Regiment, our affiliated unit based in Montreal. This garb consists of many parts, including the four main parts of the kilt (of either the blackwatch or the McEnzie plaid), the tunic (red for the rank and file, green for the officers), the head garb (either a balmoral, a glengarry, or a busby), and finally the spat/boot combination. For the standard Wednesday Cadet Day, the students are not required to wear their formal dress. Instead, the order of the day is the standard Royal Canadadian Army Cadets uniform, consisting of parade boots, green trousers, a green tunic, and a green t-shirt or a green sweater.

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